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Is This The Solution To The Las Vegas Cannabis Shortage ??

Just weeks into legal sales, cannabis retail shops in Nevada are already facing inventory shortages. On opening weekend alone, some Las Vegas dispensaries saw lines with up to a three hour wait time

With more than 40 million tourists slated to visit Las Vegas in the next year, that means excitement and big business for cannabis retail stores, but can they handle the influx?

Even if just 5% of those tourists want to visit a dispensary, the lines will be out the door and around the block. – Krista Whitley, Las Vegas cannabis activist and entrepreneur.

While history shows demand will likely subside as the novelty wears off, most canna-tourists will ask questions. They want to be informed, but they also don’t want to wait in long lines.

Enter the Vegas Weekend Box a carefully curated selection of the top 10 cannabis products in Nevada.

The beautifully designed box is aesthetically Instagram-worthy offering up an intro or reintroduction to cannabis culture to ensure visitors avoid the pitfalls of many cannabis beginners: Overindulgence.

The Vegas Weekend Box, which sold 10,000 boxes in presale, is just the latest in a series of successful cannabis ventures launched by Whitley.

In fact, her digital media agency, Social Media Unicorn, has quickly become a powerhouse, marketing agency behind some of the biggest names in cannabis including Caviar Gold and Nevada’s own Tahoe Hydroponics.

The revenue from the retail marijuana industry in Las Vegas will provide funding benefiting the public education system. In the first four days of adult use sales, the Nevada cannabis market earned $500,000 in tax revenue the state’s Dispensary Association reported. Those numbers put the state on track to pull in sales of $30 million by the next six months.

Nevada is trailing the nation in education, and as a mother of two girls who are in school, this is a cause I care deeply about. – Whitley

In fact, a recent report found Las Vegas schools ranked 50th in the nation.

Our children deserve better and cannabis consumers deserve to enjoy the normalization of consumption that all of us advocates have lobbied in favor of.

The Vegas Weekend Box, which launches at select dispensaries July 14, will be updated each month to include the latest premium cannabis products.



Irish Church Of Cannabis





Perception of Cannabis In Ireland

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To some, cannabis is more than just a plant, but rather a culture, a formidable way of life. To others it’s a dangerous drug and a toxic epidemic in our society, the division is clear amongst the people and remains an unresolved issue. In Ireland, there has been increasing public debate over the use of cannabis and its legality. I’m sure we all remember minister Flanagan’s proposal get heavily shot down on television, however, that whole situation was almost like putting a chicken into a lion’s den- there was no coming out of it alive- and just like the headshop era, it did more harm than good for the movement.

The biggest problem with the debate is the lack of knowledge and subsequently the bias negative perception of cannabis, its effects as well as those who choose to smoke it. I’m not saying that cannabis use doesn’t have some negative aspects, of course it does, but it reminds me of how tabloid newspapers treat of Wayne Rooney. I mean, he’s England’s current captain and highest ever goal scorer, as well as being four goals short of the Man U record for goals, he has won almost every piece of silverware there is- numerous premier league titles, a champions league and a FA cup- not to mention having displaying some of the most memorable moments in football history. Yet, still he is constantly under scrutiny, constantly undermined and disgraced time and time again; but is Wayne all that bad? I think not.

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23 People Arrested In Marijuana Dispensary Raids

Toronto police say 23 people are facing drug-related charges after four marijuana dispensaries were raided in the city on Thursday, but one pot advocate says that won’t stop them.

In a release, police say an alleged value of $289,076 worth of marijuana, hashish and hash oil were seized by authorities as part of the raids. On top of this, $29,538 worth of proceeds were also taken by police.

Four different locations were involved in the raids. Three Canna Clinics — 44 Kensington Ave., 2352 Yonge St. and 793 Dundas St. W. — and a Cannabis Culture at 901 Queen St. W. were targeted by authorities. Police say search warrants were executed as part of a joint effort between the force and Toronto’s municipal licensing and standards.

A day after the raids, marijuana advocate Marc Emery helped reopen the Queen Street dispensary where he is working and called for immediate changes in how authorities are approaching this matter.

“The people want it,” Emery told reporters outside the shop on Friday. “As long as we have true believers who are willing to go to jail for our cause, as I am, then we will continue to open and defy the punishment that the City of Toronto — under the federal government — is giving us.”

Emery added that he will not wait until the government moves ahead with legalization because he worries plans will not include an allowance for dispensaries and he believes that’s what citizens want.

Emery’s wife, Jodie, argued on Twitter that police were using force against harmless people.